EIY Encourages Kids to Listen Local

Earn It Yourself is an organization of members that believe a person must earn their success in life the honest way, without compromising their values and by working hard. EIY members are bringing their philosophy and EIY/DIY values to the music industry by supporting their local music and arts community. EIY has been working with Feed Our Children Now and the Vans Warped Tour this summer to help give members a chance to represent their local music scene. Last summer EIY held meet ups where kids could listen to music industry veterans give advice about how they can get involved and help their local music community.

There are EIY chapters for at least every city the Vans Warped Tour stops at; some are even set up in small towns! EIY chapters are currently in the developing stages but many chapters have already accomplished a lot. The Philadelphia Chapter was the first chapter to organize a meet up and from there have been going strong. They successfully fundraised so they could create hand printed EIY drawstring bags that included literature about their local music scene and handed them out at the Vans Warped Tour. Feed Our Children Now partnered with EIY to let chapter members set up a table for local music information; chapters are encouraged to bring compilation CD’s with local artists, flyers for upcoming shows, or any other local music information. EIY members also get to do press at the Vans Warped Tour as a reward for working hard, setting up an EIY chapter, and getting involved with their local music scene.